Today, 3rd March 2020, marks three years since the Nintendo Switch was launched to the public. If you were expecting big things from the Big N for the day, you will be sorely disappointed.

In terms of official channels for the company all we’ve seen so far is a tweet from Nintendo of Europe with a simple looping video of an original blue and red Switch accompanied by a neon “3” in a black void, and a question about the playerbase’s favourite game.

Those maybe hoping for a big software update for the console, something like a long-requested feature for folders or themes, will also come away sour here.

That’s because an update was rolled out recently in the form of Update 9.2.0. Here’s the wall of text and the full patch notes for this software change:

“General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.”

Yip, that’s all there is. Just the boilerplate line of text that has accompanied every system update big and small. Nothing new here, really.

At this point we’d get into the public response to this and the general deflated hopes, but they’re a bit too toxic this time around. On top of nothing special happening and lingering issues like Joy-Con drift still being present, the Switch community has been starved of a Nintendo Direct for months now and fans were already rather rabid about that.

From an inside baseball perspective we’ve received no press releases about this milestone for the company and our personal email addresses signed up to receive public newsletters from the company hasn’t gotten anything either.

Finally it’s worth mentioning that today isn’t over just yet. It’s still very early on 3rd March in the US, which is a massive market for Nintendo. Any big announcements or reveals planned for today may be saved for when the Americans are all awake and active. This may just be hopeful thinking, however.