When setting up an office, the printer is often placed further down the list in terms of essential hardware. This is a significant oversight, however, as anyone who has had a subpar or poor experience with the printer in their own office can attest.

As such it’s important to pay careful consideration when selecting a printer for your own setup. As this can prove as important as stable internet connectivity is.

To that end we turn to the latest range of A3 Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) from Kyocera, with the Japanese firm refreshing its TASKalfa range for those wanting to update and improve their office printing setup.

The right fit

This range of A3 MFPs rely upon an award-winning engine which Kyocera already deploys in existing products within the TASKalfa lineup.

The refreshed range comprises of colour A3 2553ci, 3253ci, 4053ci, 5053ci, 6053ci, and mono A3 5003i and 6003i. These said awards include the Most Reliable Colour Copier MFP Brand Award by BLI in 2018-2021 and BLI Buyers Lab Summer 2019 Pick Awards for: 3253ci, 4053ci, 6053ci, 5003i and 6003i.

This illustrates how the engine has proven its reliability, along with minimising downtime and resulting in improved productivity.

Of the entire refreshed range, there are three in particular that Kyocera have highlighted for further praise, especially as they are each designed to cater to different types of office setups and requirements – the TASKalfa 3253ci, 5003i and 6003i.

All three products cater to A3 prints, with the 3253ci designed for colour in particular and yielding a rapid 32 pages per minute. If colour is not a necessity for your printing needs, the 5003i and 6003i are solid mono (black and white) alternatives, producing an even faster 50 and 60 prints per minute respectively.

Speed is not the only element that Kyocera has addressed with the new TASKalfa MFPs, although it is an important consideration, with the firm also looking at other business concerns such as security and productivity.

Keeping it secure

Security in particular has become an increasingly important aspect for businesses to think about, as printers are one of many pieces of hardware in the office that remain vulnerable to hacking.

This is not something that the TASKalfa range are affected by though, with Kyocera adding products to prevent potential infiltration of malware or unauthorised firmware into a user’s system with the inclusion of a trusted platform module and secure boot. Data too is protected by standard run-time integrity checks and a built-in data encryption function.

The combination of embedded security tools therefore makes this range a substantial upgrade on other products on the market. Kyocera has not forgotten about monitoring and management either, with KYOcentral and KYOCERA Fleet Services available respectively as on premise and cloud applications.

On the productivity side of things, the integration of a human detection sensor means efficiency is boosted, as it enables a faster wake up from TASKalfa’s energy saving mode as a user approaches. As such wasting time waiting for devices to print are a thing of the past.

A new 10.1″ display panel has been added to this range of A3 MFPs too, with Kyocera aiming to make the user interface as clean and easy to use as possible.

The smarter choice

Looking at reasons why your office should upgrade to the Kyocera TASKalfa range, the benefits in terms of reliability and security cannot be overstated. There’s also the fact that costs are lowered without a compromise on the quality of prints.

A final aspect to highlight is the availability of secure authentication software such as KYOCERA Net Manager and MyQ. This enhances data privacy protection measures in relation to the Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) Act, which is set to come into effect this year.

To enquire about the TASKalfa range for your office environment, or any of Kyocera’s other MFPs, head here.

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