The coronavirus disease’s (COVID-19) effect on the technology industry has been well documented at this stage, with the cancellation of events being one of the more high-profile aspects.

Now it is impacting the ability for some firms to deliver product to consumer, with a recent Bloomberg report noting that Apple is suffering from a shortage of new iPhone devices.

This as the company warned some of its iStores in the United States about a potential shortage due to Chinese factories not running at full capacity. This has therefore impacted the firm’s supply chain, and as a result fewer iPhones have been shipped to retailers across the globe.

Bloomberg says the supply shortage could last between two and four weeks, with unnamed iStore employees confirming that Apple explained as much in an internal memo. Added to this is a shortage of parts for repairs and replacements being noted by some employees, which could impact the after sales service capabilities of iStores.

The publication has pressed for comment from Apple on the matter, but nothing has been shared at the time of writing.

That said, Apple did offer up a quarterly projection advisement to investors a couple of weeks ago, noting that while its operations were up and running in China, the coronavirus has had an effect in how quickly production has been ramped up.

As such the firm warned that shipments and revenue for the first quarter of 2020 would be lower than expected.

Given how many smartphone, and consumer technology manufacturers in general, base their manufacturing operations out of China, we’re sure that Apple will not be the only affected, with HP already noting how its supply chain has been impacted.