Much like Watchmen or The Dark Knight, Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman is one of those iconic graphic novels. It’s also a property that has been in limbo for a screen or live-action adaptation for some time, but the subject matter and visuals have always proved a daunting task.

While we still await a visual adaptation, Audible has announced an audio version is in the works for The Sandman, with the first instalment in the series expected to launch in Summer of 2020 (United States). This pegs its release sometime in the middle of the year, but it remains to seen how Audible will structure the audiobook series, and indeed how many instalments there will be.

The move to adapt the graphic novel series makes a lot of sense, especially as Audible is owned by Amazon, which has already created two series inspired by the works of Gaiman – American Gods and Good Omens.

The Sandman is perhaps his most well-known works, and to make the audiobook series all the more enticing, Gaiman will be narrating the project too.

“Audible’s exclusive audio adaptation will bring The Sandman’s epic, metaphysical fantasy to life in meticulously sound-designed, richly immersive audio,” a blog post about the announcement reads.

“This audio iteration of The Sandman is huge in scope and ambition and based exclusively on Neil’s original notes and scripts for his iconic DC series. Our production dives deep into Neil’s imagination, as if he is writing these tales beside us, lifting out details and story elements few have been privy to until now,” adds creative director on the project, Dirk Maggs.

Both he and Gaiman have worked on other projects for Amazon, so it will be very interesting to see how this series pans out.

For those who are keen to listen, we also highly recommend reading the graphic novel too, which is essential for any comic book fan in our books.