Local cleaning services platform SweepSouth has been adding new features to the mix in recent weeks, and now it is expanding its offering outside of the home and office with SweepSouth Outdoors.

As the name implies, the firm now lets customers book sessions for gardening, cleaning of the pool, washing of windows outside, as well as odd jobs like moving boxes.

The service is currently available on the SweepSouth site to users in Johannesburg and Cape Town, with a rollout in Pretoria and Durban expected in the coming weeks.

Much like its original offering, SweepSouth Outdoor is touted for the vetting process that its service providers go through, with the company noting that they are trusted and reliable. The new service can also be ordered as an on-demand or regular session, with users capable of choosing the number of hours, as well as tasks needed to be completed.

With SweepSouth noting how its platform has assisted an estimated 20 000 unemployed or underemployed domestic workers to earn an income since launching in 2014, the firm is hopeful this new offering proves as successful.

[Image – Photo by Daniel Watson on Unsplash]