To accompany its NES and SNES ports made available to Switch Online subscribers, Nintendo has been making special versions of the appropriate controllers for its console. These have been hard to come by with limited availability, but now they’re back in stock.

The SNES controller has been particularly difficult to get but, thankfully, Nintendo in Europe has finally got them restocked.

They can be bought here for £26.99 (~R551) at the time of writing.

The NES controllers, which are sold as a pair in a single box, are discounted down to £24.99 (~R511) from here.

Regardless of which one you want to pick up, there are some caveats here. Firstly you will need to be an active Nintendo Switch Online subscriber to get these.

Secondly, as mentioned at the top of the story, Nintendo of Europe is the one offering them up. This means that you may need to do some self importing or use some other method to get the controllers should you not live in a country that the European store supports.

Finally, for the big spenders reading this, there are purchasing limits of up to four controllers. As the SNES comes as one controller per box each Nintendo account can only buy a maximum of four, and the NES controllers are limited to two per person as you get a pair in each box.

Aside from wanting to get a retro controller for all of your friends, it’s tempting to get many of the NES controllers while they’re so deeply discounted, something that rarely happens to first party Nintendo hardware that’s relatively new.

It’s also worth noting the unique way that the NES controllers charge. They need to be slotted onto an original Nintendo Switch to be powered up meaning that they’re not recommended for those who only have a Nintendo Switch Lite, which lacks the Joy-Cons rails to charge them.