Steam Labs, an initiative from the platform to add new features to the store, has revealed its latest development in the News Hub.

“Discover all of the cool events, news, and activities happening in your games in one place with the new Steam News Hub! Whether you’re at work, on the bus, or playing at home, you can now browse a personalized hub to easily find the updates, announcements, and events from the games you play and games you are interested in. Plus, learn about upcoming events with options to get email or mobile reminders so you can jump right in when the event is live,” the official description for the News Hub reads.

You can access your own hub right by heading here while logged into your Steam account.

Here you can see the features of the hub such as active live events you can partake in, recent events like announcements, events happening in the future and the ability to toggle what you want to see using a variety of checkboxes.

Those boxes and the ability to tailor exactly what’s in your hub is very useful. If you’re absolutely filled up with games, for example, you can choose to see news only relating to games you already own. On the other hand, if you want to pick up something new, you can see updates from games that are recommended to you, or titles that are in your wishlist.

You can also toggle what kind of news you want to see. The full options can be seen in the screenshot of our own hub below.

In some ways the News Hub is similar to the “What’s New” section you can see in your Steam library. The section was added in when the library was redesigned recently and has been a great way to keep up with DLC, events and other changes in games you have in your library.

This is what our News Hub looks like. Notice the options for content on the left.