We finally have an official reveal of two upcoming LEGO sets that have been rumoured for quite some time: buildable helmets of Star Wars characters with the first two being Boba Fett and a Stormtrooper.

Little is known about the sets at the moment but, thanks to the two revealed images so far, we can see that Boba Fett will come with 625 pieces and the Stormtrooper with 647.

We can also see that both have an 18+ age recommendation which is odd for anything made by LEGO. We assume this means that they are intended for adults only and that will be reflected in limited to no play functions and a high price tag.

The estimates for the sets have them at $70 to $80 (about R1 142 to R1 305) and each comes with a small display stand stating the name of the character.

Those hoping to wear these helmets once they’ve been built will likely be disappointed. Despite the large piece count here we very much doubt that either will be big enough to pop on your head, and that’s assuming that the designers have even left the inside of the builds hollow. We expect these to be more in the line of decorative busts than display helmets that you can wear if the feeling strikes you.

If you like the idea of these products but not the Star Wars theme, you may be happy to know that a version for Iron Man may be on the way. This is rumour at this point with no official word from LEGO, so take it with a grain of salt. Regardless it looks like the company will be producing buildable helmets and busts for the foreseeable future, so we may see the idea spread to new themes and properties in the future.

[Source- Brickset Via Hoth Bricks]
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