For months now rumours (and wishful thinking) have been pointing towards the PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn being released on PC. Now, thankfully, we have official word from publisher Sony that the game will indeed make the jump to your gaming PC. 

Even better news here is that the game will be coming this year, with a Summer 2020 release window being revealed for the Complete Edition of the game that comes with the expansion and a few extra DLC inclusions. For those of us outside of the US who don’t use the seasons to peg the release of things, that will be between late June and late September. 

Those worried about some kind of Epic Store exclusivity should breathe a sigh of relief as the Steam page for the game is already live right here. No price is listed yet and you can’t pre-order at the time of writing, so the page is just to read up about the game and add it to your wishlist for later. System requirements are not listed as yet either. 

The reaction to this announcement has been mixed, as expected. While more people being able to play more games is usually a good thing, console exclusives are a tricky beast. There are, of course, mobs on the various social media platforms decrying this decision as they supposedly feel that this move devalues their choice of console. More level headed people, in the past, have made the argument that exclusives can foster healthy competition between the big names in the gaming industry. 

Regardless of where you fall on this issue an official announcement has been provided to address it by way of the PlaySation Blog. It interviewed Hermen Hulst, who was the managing director of Guerrilla, the developer of Horizon Zero Dawn. Hulst has since become head of Worldwide Studios at PlayStation.

When asked about this exclusive being made available on PC, and what this means for PlaySation exclusives, Hulst said this: “I think it’s important that we stay open to new ideas of how to introduce more people to PlayStation, and show people maybe what they’ve been missing out on. And to maybe put a few minds at ease, releasing one first-party AAA title to PC doesn’t necessarily mean that every game now will come to PC. In my mind, Horizon Zero Dawn was just a great fit in this particular instance. We don’t have plans for day and date [PC releases], and we remain 100% committed to dedicated hardware.” 

So there it is. PlayStation exclusives are not dead but we can maybe expect more Sony stuff on our PCs. 

The Steam page. Isn’t that a sight for sore eyes?