Last month we learned that a new colour of the Nintendo switch Lite would be coming to Japan in the form of Coral. At the time we didn’t know if this variant would be launched in South Africa, or any other countries outside of Nintendo’s home turf.

Thankfully it has today been confirmed that local buyers will indeed be able to pick up this new colour when April rolls around.

“With the cold winter air fast approaching, the perfect gaming accompaniment arrives in South Africa on 24th April, when the new coral Nintendo Switch Lite console launches across the region,” reads a press release we received from the local Nintendo distributor.

While no RRP was provided in this announcement it’s safe to make the assumption that it will cost R3 999. That same distributor directly sells the other three colours of the Nintendo Switch Lite – Grey, Turquise and Yellow – for that price from their online store.

That being said there’s still a decent amount of time between now and 2th April, so we may see factors outside Nintendo’s control affect that price. We, of course, talking about the Coronavirus (COVID-19). This disease has caused global shortages in just about every manufacturing industry, including that of games hardware. If the virus gets worse in the coming weeks this may affect pricing and availability of this new console.

Regardless the Coral Switch Lite launches in Japan sooner on 20th March, so we will be able to see how the overseas release pans out. While it’s always a bit frustrating to get stuff later than other countries, it does at least mean that reviews will be out by the time the South African release happens, meaning that we can all make a sounder purchasing decisions.

While a simple colour swap should do nothing to a proven piece of kit like the Switch Lite, which we reviewed here, you just never know until reviews are out.