The Brave browser was officially launched last year and we’ve been using it since then.

The browser boasts that it will load pages faster (it does) and ultimately save you precious seconds. The other unique feature of Brave are Basic Attention Tokens or BAT.

BAT is a cryptocurrency you earn by browsing the web and viewing adverts. While Brave has a native ad blocker and tracking filter, it does show users some adverts and rewards them with BAT for viewing the ad.

Until now however, BAT wasn’t all that useful aside from tipping creators who chose to receive the currency.

Now, Brave has partnered with the TAP Network, a rewards-as-a-service firm, to allow Brave users to redeem their BAT for real world rewards.

Unfortunately these rewards are only redeemable in the United States for now but the potential to expand this offer to the rest of the world exists.

“This partnership with TAP Network supports our mission of connecting consumers and brands in a respectful, mutually beneficial way, and contributes to the growth of our overall ecosystem by expanding the utility of BAT,” said co-founder and chief executive officer at Brave Software, Brendan Eich.

In order to redeem rewards you will need to verify a wallet with Uphold. Once verified the wallet can be connected to the TAP Network using OAuth.

For now this functionality is restricted to the Brave Nightly build but the firm says it release it to the stable desktop software in six to eight weeks.

In terms of where Brave users can redeem BAT, there are a bevy of options.

American Airlines, Delta,, Uber, Starbucks, Dominos, Amazon, Apple, PlayStation, Xbox and HBO are just some of the places that US Brave users can spend their BAT. All in all there are 250 000 brands Brave users can spend their BAT on.

“BAT represents a fundamental shift where consumers are rewarded for their attention, and TAP is excited to connect our network of trusted brands to the Brave ecosystem, and provide real world redemption utility to BAT users beyond those offered by any other digital tokens,” says co-founder and chief executive officer at TAP Network, Lin Dai.

We have to admit, this is pretty cool and perhaps it will be the carrot that gets you to try Brave out.

You are able to earn BAT right now simply by using Brave. According to the most recent data, 1 BAT is worth about $0.24 (~R3.83) so you likely won’t be earning too much dough on the side but hey, earning something by seeing ads is way better than being tracked around the web for no gain on your part.

You can download Brave for free here.

[Source – Brave Software]