Your inbox may be the most important element of your business data. Without it no one can contact you digitally, and more importantly you lose a valuable way of making contact with others.

This is especially so for businesses, many of which need a functioning inbox in order to deal with clients or customers, share important information with employees and keep documents pertaining to the administration of the company.

Businesses can’t afford to lose access to crucial emails. In case emails are lost or compromised from Outlook application, they need a PST file recovery software to retrieve such emails.

One of the most trusted options available in the market is the Stellar Repair for Outlook.

A solution to all Outlook problems in just a few clicks

This solution specialises in identifying and repairing Personal Storage Table (PST) files in Outlook, and later allowing users to import the newly repaired PST into their inbox.

With normal PST files roughly 2GB in size, one of the great features in Stellar’s software is the ability to repair and restore files that are 50GB or larger in size. This makes the solution ideal for the everyday consumer, or small businesses requiring assistance.

There is also a preview of the scanned PST which appears on the left panel of the software, allowing users to get an idea of the restoration process and what information has been recovered.

The entire recovery process only takes a few clicks, with the steps easy and intuitive enough for even a novice Windows PC user to understand.

While Microsoft offers all Outlook users an inbox repair tool that is available free (scanpst.exe), it still has several limitations, such as scanning at a slow rate and freezing from time to time.

Those issues do not exist in Stellar Repair for Outlook, and when we’re talking about critical data, a business cannot afford to try a sub-par solution.

Different tiers

The software is available to freely download on trial, but this option only provides limited access to the wealth of tools that Stellar has developed for its Repair Tool for Outlook.

There are of course lifetime paid options too, with three tiers available depending on the needs of the user or your business.

The pricing options start at $99 for the Professional version, which takes care of the basic repair, recovery and restore tools that Stellar has for Outlook PST files.

Next is the $249 Technician version, which is something an IT expert would likely lean towards, especially if they are dealing with these kinds of queries frequently. This option adds the ability to split and export PSTs to Outlook 365.

Lastly there is the $299 flavour which bundles together all the tools found in the Professional and Technician variants, as well as six additional tools.

Fully compatible

The latest version 10.0 of Stellar Repair for Outlook was released in September of last year, so users can rest assured that it is up to date.

It also caters to the most recent versions of Outlook, including Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 and earlier variants. As such it does not matter which version of Outlook you are running, with Stellar optimising its software to handle it.

Stellar Repair for Outlook has also added support for multiple languages with English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish available.

Your business or computer may not have to worry about repairing any corrupted or lost PST files in Outlook now, but if or when it does, Stellar has a perfect piece of software to get the job done.

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