Chinese hardware maker GamePad Digital, known simply as GPD, has revealed yet another machine in the form factor that made the company famous: tiny notebooks. GPD is probably best known for its Win line that combines a pocketable notebook with gamepad controllers, and the newest in this range is the Win Max.

Various leaks and early production pictures of this device have been around for months, but now GPD has finally moved into officially revealing more of it.

The big info dump here comes in the form of a large infographic you can see embedded at the bottom of the this story.

It details exactly what you can expect with the two most important features being the size of this “handheld” machine and what will be pushing that pictures. In this regard there’s an eight inch screen with an Intel i5-1035G7.

This mobile CPU has four cores, eight threads and a TDP of 15 watts. The integrated Iris graphics will be handling your games, so don’t expect to run the latest titles at playable frame rates unless they’re from the indie side of things or you’re willing to massively alter your games.

Many have questioned why AMD was not chosen to power this new machine. The company has been on a hot streak lately knocking out extremely powerful processors that are decently priced, on top of providing the silicon for both the upcoming PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

“We also considered AMD Ryzen 5 2500U. However, we found that with the Intel’s 10th gen Ice Lake-U is superior to 2500U in terms of overall performance. Iris Plus Graphics 940, actually performs in 3DMark 11 nearly as good as NVIDIA GeForce MX250. We finally made [the] decision,” GPD writes in a tweet.

If this decision proves to be correct remains to be seen, but we may be waiting a while for that conclusion as no official price or release date has been revealed as yet.

GPD has a record of successful crowdfunding campaigns for most of their new products, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see that happen once again for the Win Max.

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