By now you should be aware of the news that South Africa’s coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has been declared a national disaster. It has resulted in all schools and tertiary institutions beginning to close this week, which for the latter could prove problematic, especially if they want to access online materials via their universities or colleges.

Luckily Telkom is hoping to assist, having announced that it will zero-rate access to the websites of tertiary education facilities, providing a comprehensive list of institutions involved.

“We believe that the pandemic can be overcome if we work together and ensure that South Africans are empowered with access to accurate information about the virus,” Telkom spokesperson, Mooketsi Mocumi.

The service provider adds that the list featured below will be updated with other tertiary institutions adding in coming days. A fully up to date list will be published on the Telkom site.

The current list of 61 tertiary institutions is as follows: