While South Africans have been asked to practice social distancing by government, life does go on and many citizens need to carry on as best they can.

This is particularly true for folks who work in the retail or service industry, particularly those who work for Uber.

Uber drivers are very high risk of contracting the disease given the sheer amount of people they interact with on a daily basis. In order to mitigate this risk, Uber has outlined a number of actions it will be taking.

The first and perhaps most important is that Uber is working closely with public health authorities. Why would Uber need to do that?

“Working with them, we may temporarily suspend the accounts of riders or drivers confirmed to have contracted or been exposed to COVID-19. We’re also consulting with an epidemiologist to make sure our efforts as a company are grounded in medical advice,” said Uber in an email alert.

Drivers who have contracted COVID-19 or who are asked to self isolate public health authority will receive financial assistance for up to 14 days.

Uber has said that the “financial assistance” will be based on a driver’s average daily earnings over the last six months.

The firm is also working to provide drivers with disinfectants to help clean cars.

For Uber Eats users, the firm suggests leaving a note to have the delivery person leave food at your door or in your lobby.

It goes without saying that if you are ill you should not take an Uber and risk infecting somebody else.

Additional information from Uber can be found at this link.