Hello Games, the studio most in/famous for No Man’s Sky has revealed more of its next game – The Last Campfire – together with a release date.

“A brand new adventure from Hello Games, The Last Campfire is the story of a lost ember trapped in a puzzling place, searching for meaning and a way home,” a description for the game states.

This title will launch on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch come Summer 2020. For the rest of the world that doesn’t use the seasons to mark the release of things, that is between late June and late September, an extremely busy period in the gaming industry that sees many games hitting shelves and online platforms.

Together with this news we get a new trailer, embedded below. There’s a rather endearing art style on offer here together with what looks to be much heartstring tugging.

Aside from a short blog post about the title there’s a bit more to look at if you want to see more of the game before release. There’s a dedicated site as well as a Steam page where you can wishlist the title should you wish. None of these sources list a price for the game, localised or otherwise, at this time.

No Man’s Sky players worried that this game will take away from the continued development of that title shouldn’t be worried about The Last Campfire, however. Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games and the enigmatic head of the studio, had this to say:

“No Man’s Sky continues to be a major focus for the studio and our community can expect a lot more from us in the future. Secretly in the background though, a small off-shoot team has been working on something altogether intimate and beautiful.”

Time will tell how the community at large reacts to The Last Campfire and if the legacy of No Man’s Sky has a say in that.