Earlier this month the previously PlayStation 4 exclusive title Horizon Zero Dawn was announced for a PC port last this year. Since then the Steam discussion forums for the title have been active, with a recent developer answer there bringing up the topic of field of view (FOV).

Steam user GameBunny, in this thread, asked the developers if an FOV slider would be available when the game launches. A member of Guerrilla Games simply named Anne had this to say:

“We will add several ways to customize your settings for Horizon Zero Dawn for PC. However, we feel that changing the FOV compromises the original Horizon Zero Dawn experience and visual style too much, so you will not be able to change this.”

In terms of bad answers that really has to be up there. Unless you’re setting your FOV to something ridiculous like 360 degrees, this setting does very little to alter the intended experience or visual style of most games.

This is speculation on our part but the real reason FOV cannot be changed is probably because the game is hard coded in some way to work at a specific angle. Some games like this, when they have their FOV changed through modding, reveal that the areas outside of the player’s field of view are not rendered or otherwise presented in such a way that seeing them would mess things up.

That’s just our guess whatever, so let’s look back at another oddity of this comment. One of the big PC features that Horizon Zero Dawn will support is ultra wide monitors and their resolutions. When playing games on these types of displays its common to crank up the FOV as you have so much more screen to do so. Supporting ultra wides and not FOV sliders is a very weird combination.

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition launches on PC come US Summer 2020, which is between late June and late September.