Google’s much maligned game streaming platform Stadia will be getting an exclusive game courtesy of Splash Damage, the developer announced recently on its website.

“We’re thrilled to finally announce that we’re working on an exclusive title in partnership with Google Stadia. At Splash Damage we’re always looking to innovate, and always looking for partners and platforms that allow us to do just that. We’ve been huge fans of Stadia ever since it was announced and have been amazed by both the technology and passion for gaming that the Stadia team has,” the studio writes.

Unfortunately there’s no teaser trailer or concept art to look at here, nor are there any descriptions of the mystery game itself.

All we can really do is look at past games from Splash Damage to see what they’re good at. To us this developer will always been ingrained in our minds as the people who made Brink, the unique FPS parkour game from 2011 that didn’t really go anywhere, was released for free on Steam in 2017, and hasn’t really been talked about since.

Other games under the studio’s belt include Dirty Bomb, Gears Tactics, and a few more either as the main devs or in collaboration. An impressive portfolio to be sure but there’s no massive names here that have rocketed the studio into the spotlight.

For now we’ll just have to wait and see what comes of this. If we had to put money on it we’d probably say some kind of online shooter is in the cards given the past games from this company. If this turns out to be Brink 2 we’d be flabbergasted.

Finally, Splash Damage ends their announcement of the Stadia partnership with a mention of the fact that they’re hiring. If you want to help make whatever is being put together here, check out their careers page.