The LEGO set 6285: Black Seas Barracuda from 1989 is one of the most beloved products the company has ever made and is still sought after more than three decades later. Thankfully for those unwilling to lose their life savings buying a copy secondhand, LEGO will be making a new version… kind of.

Revealed a few hours ago, 21322: Pirates of Barracuda Bay, is an Ideas set. Ideas is a platform where fan creations can be turned into official sets, and “The Pirate Bay” was chosen for this honour.

The original design had nothing to do with that set from the 80s, but LEGO sought to change that for the final release. While that has upset some, most are overjoyed with the return of this icon.

Let’s talk some numbers: this new set comes with 2 545 pieces and costs $199.99 / €199.99 / £179.99 depending on where you live. The set will release on 1st April and, for those of us outside of the main LEGO markets, expect to pay the UK price plus a bit extra for local taxes and import duties.

For us that means around R3 718 at the time of writing, going off of a direct conversion. What’s more up in the air is the release date, as 1st April falls within the current national lockdown. South Africa isn’t the only country similarly shuttered to try and slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), so we’re not sure when local fans and those in similar situations around the world will be able to get their pirate ships.

Regardless of when and how we get our hands on this set, once assembled it measures in at 59cm high X 64cm wide X 32cm deep when in shipwreck mode.

Yes, we did say “mode” because this is technically a two in one LEGO set. Shipwreck mode show the pirate ship stuck on an island and turned into a base by a gang of pirates. If you don’t want the set in that configuration, however, it can be quickly swapped into a regular ship that more closely resembles the one from the 80s.

You may expect that this requires a long process of disassembly and rebuilding, but that’s not the case as this change can be done relatively quickly.

To man your vessel there are eight minifigures as well as a shark.

You can see more of the set in the gallery below. Even the box art references LEGO’s old set, including the familiar yellow highlights and banner across on the top right which used to be present on many earlier products.

[Via – Brickset]