Like buying anything else, picking up a new screen for your PC gaming setup is a matter of weighing up pros and cons. For us here in South Africa this process gets even more difficult due to the fact that some of the truly high end stuff, which is mostly pros across the board, is just not available locally.

Thankfully local gamers now have access to the CU34G2X from AOC, a platform that does just about everything you could ask, and even some stuff that you may not have considered.

Let’s look at the basic specs here because even they are impressive. The 34 inch curved panel is pumping out a resolution of 3440 X 1440. While regular HD at 1920 X 1080 is still the most popular resolution, higher options like the one for the CU34G2X have picked up massively over the years with developers and publishers providing more and more support for these super high pixel counts.

The 21:9 aspect ratio is also a deviation from 16:9, but one that many have grown to prefer. Outside of games where you can have a more spaced out HUD (Heads Up Display), the longer aspect ratio is great for things like movie consumption (which are all closer to 21:9) and productivity. It’s the general consensus that heavy production like video editing and streaming requires more than one monitor, but with all the screen real estate here you may not need more than one display on your desk.

While higher resolutions are usually paired with the stock standard 60Hz refresh rate, you won’t be saddled with that here. Blowing past 120Hz, the CU34G2X offers up 144Hz. This refresh rate is the king in the world of gaming with it being the preferred way to go for esports players where that extra refresh can help win games, or simply those who want the very best.

If you’re currently using a 1920 X 1080 screen at 60 Hz screen it’s difficult to describe just how massive the jump in experience is here. It really is a “can’t go back” situation where you won’t be able to use those lower resolutions and refresh rates after you’ve experienced the higher ones from the CU34G2X.

Even more on offer

Big numbers in the resolution and refresh rate categories packed into a curved body are becoming more common nowadays, so what else is there to look at?

Going back to the world of esports, another feature to benefit that crowd is a one millisecond pixel response time. This kills the dreaded ghosting effect – where a “ghost” of the previous frames can be seen behind the new ones. Ghosting is a problem when it comes to lower quality monitors that offer high refresh rates but slow response time. Again, CU34G2X owners don’t need to worry about that.

And worries are kept even further back by AOC’s “Re-Spawned” warranty. This offers four years protection against dead pixels, which are a constant worry for a screen like this with millions of them. Again, it’s just another reason to pick up a CU34G2X, drop it on your desk, and focus on playing games and nothing else.

To get started on that, you can pick up the AOC CU34G2X in South Africa right here. 

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