In recent weeks we’ve seen movie studios opt to delay the theatrical release of some of their biggest films until later in the year. The latest studio to do so is Warner Bros., which has decided to delay the release of Wonder Woman 1984.

The sequel to the wildly successful Woman Woman film was initially expected to hit cinemas on 5th June, and has now been given a new release date of 14th August.

As with other delays, the reason behind this one is the COVID-19 pandemic, with cinema companies across the globe having restrictions placed on them in terms of public gatherings.

“When we greenlit ‘Wonder Woman 1984,’ it was with every intention to be viewed on the big screen and are excited to announce that Warner Bros. Pictures will be bringing the film to theatres on Aug. 14,” Toby Emmerich, Warner Bros. Pictures Group chairman told Variety in a statement.

“We hope the world will be in a safer and healthier place by then,” he adds.

Wonder Woman 1984 is not the only film that Warner Bros. is delaying, with the Lin-Manuel Miranda creation, In The Heights, as well as Christopher Nolan’s much anticipated Tenet, being postponed too.

As such the list of movies shelved for releases later in the year is growing, which means the possibility of turning to streaming platforms for projects is becoming all the more likely.

That said we hope larger blockbusters and independent films do not go this route, especially as local businesses require people in cinemas in order to stay in business.

Either way, it means plans to watch films at the cinema should be placed on hold for now. In the interim enjoy the trailers for Wonder Woman 1984, In The Heights and Tenet below.