We have truly been impressed by some of the steps that technology firms have taken in helping consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic, and now Apple is the latest to announce an initiative of its own.

To that end the company has confirmed that it will be extending the free trial period of its professional video and audio editing software. More specifically Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X, with the former already having a landing page for people to sign-up on.

Final Cut Pro X normally has a free trial period of 30 days, but is now three times as long. At the end of the 90 days, users will have to decide whether they are willing to pay the $300 (~R5 233) for the software, but at the very least they would have had more time to get familiar with what it has to offer.

As for Logic Pro X, the professional grade audio editing software does not have a free sign-up page at the time of writing, but the free offer will be the first time that such a version would have been made available to the public. As such it may be the more worthwhile of the two free pieces of software given its exclusivity up until now.

Much like Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X will also prompt users to purchase the fully fledged version of the software once the 90 day trial period ends, with it costing roughly $200 (~R3 492).

Given a lot more people will be at home over the few weeks, especially locally as the national lockdown took effect last night, it may be an opportune time to sharpen up your editing skills.