With South Africa under lock down there’s a lot of things you can do this weekend, provided it doesn’t involve leaving your home.

Sourdough starters have been started today, folks are taking up DIY projects but if you’re looking for something a bit less intensive, there are ample free games available to play this weekend.

First up is recently updated Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

From 26th to 30th March, Breakpoint is free to play for PC (Epic Games Store or Uplay), Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The team at Ubisoft have been hard at work changing a number of core gameplay elements and we’re quite excited to test the game out again after it left us wanting last year.

You can also save up to 67 percent when you purchase the game this weekend.

The Epic Games Store which offers free games every two weeks has this week made Figment and Tormentor x Punisher free until 2nd April.

World War Z is also currently available via Epic Games Store.

For PlayStation 4 owners who also have a PlayStation Plus membership the free trial for Predator: Hunting Grounds will be available to test until 29th March.

PC gamers can actually try a few games for free this weekend thanks to Steam.

Cities Skylines, Kerbal Space Program and Insurgency: Sandstorm are all free to play until 29th March, 30th March and 1st April respectively. The trio of games is also discounted this weekend.

For Xbox players Games with Gold for March are still available this weekend which means you can download and play Batman: The Enemy Within until 31st March and Shantae: Half-Genie Hero until 2nd April.