Last night while the president provided the latest update with regards to the impact of COVID-19 in South Africa, consumer internet firm Naspers outlined its commitment to helping fight the spread of the virus locally.

To that end Naspers has committed to give R1.5 billion to South Africa’s efforts. Breaking down the financial commitment, the firm says it will set aside R1 billion of the total to the purchasing of protective equipment and medical supplies.

These will be secured in China, with the company working alongside the Chinese government and Tencent (Naspers is its largest stakeholder) in order to secure the required equipment and supplies.

R500 million of the total will be given to the Solidarity Response Fund which the presidency announced last week alongside the confirmation of a national lockdown.

“By working with government and civil society we want to help our country overcome this very difficult period. We hope this combination of support will help to make a difference in South Africa’s response to Covid-19,” said Naspers SA CEO, Phuthi Mahanyele-Dabengwa.

“We realise these are tough times that require dramatic action and Naspers is contributing to the measures underway in South Africa. We want to thank the government of China and our partner Tencent for their solidarity. More details will be released as soon as we have them,” added Group CEO, Bob van Dijk.

For now the final details as to how much protective equipment and medical supplies will be secured is being finalised, according to the firm, which is pushing to get them into the country as quickly as possible.

Regardless of when they arrive, they will no doubt be most welcome for the healthcare professionals aiming to flatten the curve of COVID-19 currently.