Despite a massive title update which was released last week, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint still lacks one vital feature – AI teammates.

For those who prefer not playing games with angry strangers online, there is now a way to play Breakpoint with your friends without them having to buy the game.

Friend Pass allows one person who has purchased Breakpoint to invite three friends at a time to play along with them. It doesn’t matter if you’ve purchased the base game or a deluxe edition, Friend Pass is available for all versions of Breakpoint.

Players are able to invite as many friends as they want to play along with them but only three friends may play at a time.

This offer is valid until 16th June.

Ubisoft has also made a trial for Breakpoint available for free. Players will be able to play Breakpoint with no restrictions for six hours.

Should a trial player be invited to play with a friend via Friend Pass, the trial’s timer will be paused. Unfortunately, if you took advantage of the free weekend for Breakpoint which just passed, your six hour timer will likely be used up and your only option is Friend Pass or to purchase the game.

The Breakpoint trial is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC though you will need PS Plus or Xbox Gold to play Breakpoint online on the respective consoles.