With the likes of Vumatel and Evotel offering up free line speed upgrades we bring you news today that Supersonic will present a similar offer.

Following upgrades to its core networks and network to network infrastructure, Supersonic will offer its customers a network speed bump to the next package up.

That means that if you are currently on a 10Mbps package you’ll be upgraded to a 20Mbps package free of charge.

There is a bit of housekeeping left to do on Supersonic’s part but the ISP says that the upgrades should go live by 3rd April.

There is something of a catch, however.

How long your line will be upgraded for is dependent on the fixed network operator you use. The network operator will also determine whether a customer qualifies for this upgrade.

This will depend on your area and network operator, but if you’re unsure it’s best to get in touch with Supersonic on its WhatsApp helpline (083 200 4828) for assistance.

The offer will be available for new and existing Supersonic customers.

What’s more is that if sign up for Supersonic in a connected Vumatel area during April, you will receive the first two months of your service for free.

“With the capacity we’re able to introduce to the network will also afford us the opportunity to develop a host of new products which we’ll launch within the next couple of weeks,” adds managing director for Supersonic, Calvin Collett.

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