Matt Reeves reveals the latest Batmobile

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Director of the upcoming DC movie simply titled The Batman, Matt Reeves, has shown off what this movie’s version of the Batmobile will look like.

Those hoping for something completely bonkers like the Tumbler or a sleek design akin to the Animated Series will be disappointed.

This version of the vehicle is basically just a modified muscle car with, of all things, an exposed engine at the back. We’re not sure it’s the best idea to have the internals of your car open to the environments (and the bullets of bad guys) but, hey, it looks cool right?

The only real indication you get that this could be something related to Batman is some subtly swept rear quarter panels hinting to the “wings” seen on other versions of the Batmobile. Other than that you’d easily think this was a Mad Max car painted black or a custom from a new Fast and Furious movie.

Love or hate this look it leads credence to the theory that this new movie will show a Batman early in his career of crime fighting. Instead of having access to some military vehicle made by Lucius Fox, Bruce Wayne and Alfred breaking out the tools to modify an existing car is more likely should the theory be true.

Posed next to the car is Batman himself. We’re not sure if that’s actually Robert Pattinson in the suit for these specific pictures, but it does give us another look at the design here.

Reeves revealed this new look for the character on Valentine’s Day with a very dark Vimeo video that was rather zoomed in, so it’s nice to see something with that’s a bit clearer.

The three pictures revealing the Batmovile are all embedded below. We’ve edited them slightly to be more visible as the originals are, predictably, very dark. If you’d like to see them without those edits they can be found on Reeves’ Twitter account.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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