April Fool’s Day may have happened earlier this week but a pipedream has actually come true for a certain section of Star Wars and LEGO fans as the latter company has announced a new set featuring the 501st Legion Clone Troopers.

It’s a bit of a long story why this set is so special so we’ll try and summarise. The 501st Legion in its many forms is one of the most beloved portions of the Star Wars universe. The Clones from the 501st are given a lot of screentime in the Clone Wars animated show, one of the biggest Star Wars communities takes its name from it, and LEGO fans have been campaigning for years to see them in minifig form again.

A smaller portion of this campaign was asking for a Battle Pack. Because of weird licencing rights for Star Wars action figures, LEGO can’t sell minifigures of Star Wars characters on their own. The Danish company’s workaround for this is the Battle Pack, which combines a decent amount of minifigures with some small side builds to keep the costs down will still supply sought after figures without treading on the toes of companies who do have the rights to sell solo action figures.

LEGO did not create a Battle Pack this time around, choosing to include more minifigures and bigger builds. While this does bump up the price somewhat we’re sure most people won’t mind.

Set 75280: 501st Legion Clone Troopers comes with 285 pieces and will cost $29.99 (~R555) when it launches on 1st August.

Inside of the box there are six minifigures in total: four from the 501st Legion (three Clone Troopers and one Jet Trooper) and two Battle Droids for them to fight.

As for the legally obligated builds there is both a AT-RT Walker and a BARC Speeder featuring the recognisable blue colouring.

We could talk for hours about how long this has been coming, how both LEGO and Star Wars have acknowledged the fan requests and the old Clone Wars sets from 2013, but we’ll leave things here for now on the only two promotional images released for this product: