This week has produced another wholly unlikely reveal in the fact that Rogue Legacy 2 is now in development.

This has been announced in a Twitter thread (embedded at the bottom of this story) by developer Cellar Door Games.

Aside from a short animation featuring the title, we do know a little bit more about the game, thankfully.

There is a new, updated art style which is really pleasing to the eye. The process of choosing your next character under the guise of your heir is still in tact here, as is the visual differences between characters to represent their different traits. There’s even a prequel meme thrown in there.

Judson Cowan and A Shell in the Pit, who made the music for the original game, have returned for the sequel. A 92 second snippet of a new track has also been released to go along with the announcement.

In the last bit of content reveal sketches have been provided by the dev team. These show off some concepts and look to confirm the return of several key characters. As these look like early production notes we’re not sure how much of them will actually be in the game.

We’re also not sure which platforms this title will release on or when that release will happen. Cellar Door Games states that “We’ll be releasing a lot more info in the coming days” so it may be time to drop them a follow if you want the news on your timeline.

If you’re somehow unfamiliar with the original game from 2013, Rogue Legacy was one of the pioneers when it comes to solidifying the now cemented, modern roguelike genre.

The Binding of Isaac, Nuclear Throne and Spelunky usually eat up all the glory in this regard, but Rogue Legacy is really up there when it comes to being a pillar in the genre.

Those who have not played it really do own it to themselves to give it a spin now. It’s available on many platforms (event he PS Vita) and it can be had for very little money.