With the first week of lockdown behind South Africans many citizens are still getting used to operating with restrictive measures in place.

Part of those restrictions include retailers who aren’t stocking essential goods having to close their doors. This goes for online retailers as well but today we’ve discovered something interesting.

Local retailer Wootware is open for business, which is strange.

The reason we find this strange is that electronics, PC components or indeed any sort of tech is not included in the list of essential goods or services listed by government.

While many may think this is Wootware simply continuing to operate with reckless abandon, the retailer has a published a certificate from the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission on its website as proof it is allowed to operate during lockdown.

What strikes us as odd however is that we’re not just seeing essentials like printer cartridges or webcams for sale on Wootware. If I wanted to I could upgrade my entire desktop and that doesn’t sound especially essential right now.

On the same token however, we understand that if something goes wrong regarding the tech you use at home to carry on working, you’re screwed.

We’ve contacted Wootware to find out more about the measures it has put in place to keep staff and customers safe and we’ll be sure to update this story when we receive word from the retailer.

For now though, we wanted to let you know that there is a way to replace the tech that dies during lockdown.

As somebody who is currently listening to their hard-drive cry out in anguish as it dies, this news is rather welcome.