The local tech and gaming news industry is small and many of us know each other well.

Sure, we don’t always get along and many of us are fighting for the scraps at the table being here on the southern most tip of Africa, and many firms simply not seeing Africa as a large enough market.

That having been said, many of the writers in our industry are some of my favourite people and we here at Hypertext miss chewing the fat with our fellow journos at events.

This long introduction is to give you a bit of context regarding today’s story.

The folks at the Nexus Hub, Glitched and the Nexus retail store in Johannesburg need our help.

“Times are tough for everyone at the moment, and we have done everything we can to keep our heads above water while staying closed. But with the recent announcement of an extension of the COVID-19 lockdown, it’s got to the point where we humbly need to ask for your help,” reads a blog post published on the Nexus Hub’s website.

As it is primarily a retailer of games, hardware, peripherals, board games and geeky goods in general, Nexus Hub is suffering due to lockdown and needs help to pay staff salaries.

How can you help? Good question and there are multiple ways.

Firstly, a GoGetFunding drive has been setup with a view to raising R300 000. This figure will go towards paying salaries of staff at the Nexus retail store, as well as journalists writing for Nexus Hub and Glitched.

Donations can be as low as R1 if that is all you can give.

“Should we meet the 300k target funding, anything raised above said target, will continue to be used to support our staff post lockdown and the systems required for them to remain employed,” wrote Tex Hartog, chief executive officer of Nexus Popular Culture.

Donations can be made at this URL.

You can also make a donation directly to Nexus, details of which are at this link.

Need some extra motivation?

Nexus is giving away a limited edition sealed in box Playstation 4 Anniversary Console or one year’s worth of games to those who make a donation to the GoGetFunding drive or donate directly.

Want to help in another way?

“We will be launching our digital sales/ voucher system in the very near future for the website and that would help support the web team/s and their respective platforms. In the interim you can purchase vouchers and have the codes emailed to you for Xbox Live / PSN / Steam,” wrote Nexus.

Pretty cool and a nice way to keep cash flowing during these turbulent times.

Oh, you want ANOTHER way to support these folks? Alright then.

SolarPop is giving away three gaming hampers valued at R10 000 each. All you have to do to enter is make a purchase at one of a number of stores amounting to R200 or more. Your delivery will of course take place AFTER lockdown has ended.

Details about that competition can be found here.

Times are tough and while we can’t do much we can make some noise about how you can help those in need.

Go support the folks that keep us entertained during the lockdown, we’d like for them to still be around when this is all over.