Over the past few weeks we’ve been covering stories about the impact that COVID-19 is having on the gaming industry. In particular it has forced some studios and publishers to delay the launch of their projects, but we now when two PS4-exclusive titles will be launching later this year – The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima.

The former was initially delayed by developer Naughty Dog a few weeks ago, but now Sony has said that the game’s new launch date is 19th June.

“As we begin to see an ease in the global distribution environment, I am pleased to confirm that The Last of Us Part II will arrive on June 19,” according Hermen Hulst, Sony’s head of worldwide studios, in a statement shared with The Verge.

Naughty Dog has also changed the banner image on its Twitter account, with the “available 06.19.20” added to it.

Shifting to Ghost of Tsushima, which too is hotly anticipated. Its developer, Sucker Punch, tweeted out the new release date of 17th July.

The official PlayStation page for the game still has its 26th June, which represents a relatively small delay for the title, but the pre-order information does reflect the new date.

While Sony has not explained why, we venture a guess that the three-week push is to give The Last of Us Part II a bit of breathing room, especially given how significant a title it will be for Sony in 2020.

Either way we’re looking forward to play both titles this year, with Ghost of Tsushima already impressing us with its stylings. A story trailer for the game came out last month, so we advise giving it a watch to get a better idea of what’s on offer.