Last year Vodacom Business launched its Fast Forward series of videos that focused of sharing skills, insights and tools with SMEs in the country. Now the firm is aiming to increase the reach of this series by adding to its Video Play service in the form of nine episodes under the Business Acceleration banner.

For those unfamiliar with Video Play, it is Vodacom’s dedicated streaming platform that serves up content via a desktop browser or mobile app. It is also subscription-based, with different tiers offering up more access to content, but crucially the Business Acceleration content is freely available at the time of writing.

Vodacom explains that the sessions, “In addition to specific digitally produced programmes and webinars, are recorded and uploaded to the platform, allowing more business owners or executives in business access to these resources and enablement tools that builds and promotes business sustainability in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

“Now more than ever we need to tap into technology to future proof business and ensure continuity. Given the uncertainty we are seeing in the world at the moment, this is a particularly challenging time for all businesses. This is why Vodacom Business will continue to use these digital channels to provide informative, educational and engaging content for businesses, from small to large businesses to ensure that no one is left behind,” adds Melishni Achary, Vodacom Business executive HOD for fixed and mobile operations.

Season One of the series features nine episodes as previously mentioned, with it broken down into three parts:

Episode 1 – Building Your Business Presence
Episode 2 – Targeting the Right Audience
Episode 3 – WhatsApp for Business

Digital Advertising
Episode 1 – History of Advertising
Episode 2 – 7 Successes of Mobile Advertising
Episode 3 – How to Set Up A eziADS Campaign

Business Doctors
Episode 1 – Diagnosing Your Business
Episode 2 – Increasing Business Value and Sustainability
Episode 3 – 8 factors of Business Efficiency

To find out more about the series, head to the Video Play website here.

[Image – Photo by Etienne Boulanger on Unsplash]