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Cape Union Mart making face masks at its K-Way factory

The latest firm to answer the call during the COVID-19 pandemic and national lockdown is Cape Union Mart, which recently changed operations at its K-Way factory in Ottery, Cape Town to focus on making face masks.

It has been well documented that medical gear is a highly valued commodity at this time, with face masks in particular proving hard to come by for some people. Moving forward it will likely be a necessary piece of gear to have as the country moves out of lockdown and begins its phased approach to normalcy.

“To combat the chronic mask shortage and to help conquer a challenge unparalleled in our history, the masks will be proudly locally manufactured at our iconic factory, complete with an insert specially designed to filter out virus-carrying saliva molecules in line with research and testing carried out at Stellenbosch University,” explained the firm in a newsletter sent to customers.

“We have to look beyond the tragedy of this crisis to the future. We’ve got to try and create jobs. We’ve got to try and keep people employed. We’ve got to try and get wages to the poorest, we’ve got to try and get food to them because that is really our biggest priority in South Africa,” adds Cape Union Mart Chairman, Phillip Krawitz.

The company is currently taking large orders for face masks locally, and can be contacted at this address – customer-service@capeunionmart.co.za.

It will also be expanding to sell these masks online too, following the end of the national lockdown in two weeks’ time.

“We are currently in production of masks for essential service workers but will begin offering masks to our customers online & in store as soon as possible after lockdown ends,” the newsletter concludes.

To find out more about Cape Union Mart’s efforts, watch the video below.

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