Chris Parnell reveals his favourite Rick and Morty episode

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With the remainder of Rick and Morty’s season four being released soon, we got the opportunity to (remotely) interview the voice of Jerry Smith, Chris Parnell.

That full interview will be up soon, but we wanted to talk about one specific question we asked there: what is the storied actor’s favourite episode of the show?

“It’s probably the episode where Rick and Jerry go to the planet with the stasis bubble where no one died. We got to see Rick and Jerry bond a little bit in a way that they hadn’t before and that was kind of sweet. We also got to see Jerry participate in the attempted assassination of Rick before he walked that back because he didn’t want it to happen. That was probably my favourite, but there were a lot of fun ones,” Parnell tells us during our telephonic interview.

That is the fifth episode of season three, titled “The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy”. It’s one of the rare episodes where Jerry is a major part of the A plot. You can see a screenshot of the episode in the header image above, right after Jerry learns about the immortality field at the resort.

If you’re a bit fuzzy on the details of the episode it may be time for a rewatch. There is still a few days left before the rest of season four airs with episode six arriving on 3rd May in the US and 4th May in South Africa.

We’ve actually seen this unreleased episode already, and you can read our thoughts here. We mean that last part in a “read our article” kind of way, not in terms of telepathy. We unfortunately don’t have that kind of technology yet. We’ve actually seen this unreleased episode already, and you can read our thoughts here.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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