Details emerge for Darkest Dungeon’s free PvP DLC

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Earlier this month The Butcher’s Circus DLC was announced for beloved title Darkest Dungeon. Back then we had only a short announcement to go off of, but there’s a slew of additional details now.

Developer Red Hook Studios has released the first in a series of posts explaining what we can expect from this new content. The big news from the initial announcement is that this free DLC adds player versus player (PvP) to the game, and there’s more besides.

“We’ve always toyed with the idea of a competitive version of our combat system, and as we began to shift production to Darkest Dungeon II, we just couldn’t give up on the idea. Thanks to the success of the game, we hired a few extra hands to dedicate to this DLC while the rest of our studio continued work on Darkest Dungeon II. The results of this experiment are almost ready to unveil!,” Red Hook Studios writes in the announcement.

The mention of extra hands working on this DLC brings up the issue of money here. It was always known that The Butcher’s Circus would be free, but now it has been confirmed that there will be no additional monetisation here.

Everything you can unlock and use is linked to actual gameplay, with the DLC simply being funded by the success of the game and its expansions.

Those keenly aware of multiplayer issues will be happy to know that some anti-cheat system will be in place and bots will be available to hone your skills before jumping online.

The Butcher’s Circus will launch onto PC (Steam) first with Mac and Linux support following after. Porting to other platforms and storefronts “depends a bit on the reception of the DLC”. Read more about it in the Q&A.

If you’re new to Darkest Dungeon check out our review of the base game from back in 2016, or its inclusion in our Lovecraft-inspired game roundup from the 80th anniversary of the author’s passing.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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