Surprise, those Modern Warfare 2 remaster rumours were true

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Over the past week or so rumours have been flying around about a potential remaster of one of Call of Duty’s most beloved and important games: Modern Warfare 2. Now we have official word that those whispers were true, and you can play the game right now, as long as it’s on PlayStation 4.

The official title for this endeavour is a rather lengthy one – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered. Yes this is not a full fat experience including that multiplayer which got so many people hooked, but just the singleplayer. Even the co-op Spec Ops mode has been stripped out here.

With two thirds of its modes removed, the price here is only $20 (~R360).

Kneecapping the enjoyment even more is the limited time PlayStation 4 exclusivity. The game is available on the PlayStation Store right now, with those on Xbox One and PC needing to wait until 30th April to get their turn.

As for what’s on offer here improved texture resolution and detail, remastered audio, revamped animation, 4K support (even on console) and more. When the game comes to PC ultrawide monitor support will also be available.

“In this famed experience, originally developed by Infinity Ward and now re-mastered by Beenox, players enlist as members of Task Force 141 and Tier 1 Operatives in a breathtaking series of missions to save the world from destruction. ‘Cliffhanger,’ ‘Takedown’, ‘No Russian,’ and more all return in this intense story experience,” Reads a press release for the game.

Since launching on PlayStation 4 a short while ago reception has been mostly positive by those who have jumped in early. At the time of writing, on the PlayStation Store, 579 ratings have been left with a solid five out of five stars being the current score.

Buying the game also unlocks some cosmetics for the Modern Warfare multiplayer and Call of Duty: Warzone.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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