PC component and peripheral maker Cooler Master has just kicked off a rather unique fundraiser for coronavirus (COVID-19) relief efforts.

Instead of just asking its community to donate to the cause, it has instead tasked them with design a unique paint job for its MM711 mouse. The MM711 is already a bit of an exotic design due to its perforated exterior, so entrants will need to get creative here.

Entrants can draw, Photoshop or render their design and then submit it before 8th May. These will be voted on and a winner will be announced on 18th May. They will get a “product package” from Cooler Master valued at $1K (~R18 698).

So where do the donations come in? Between 18th May and 18th June Cooler Master will be accepting donations in $30 chunks. This is because that $30 will be converted into a coupon which can then be used to buy the limited edition MM711 that was designed by the community.

Cooler Master does not take that $30 for itself, however, as that money will instead go to a charity fighting COVID-19.

Due to time zone shenanigans the window to enter is closing fast, so get cracking.

The full details of the contest, as well as the submissions page, can be found here.

The page also contains various downloadable assets so you can get going with an entry without needing to redrew the mouse or start recreating it in CAD.

Despite the amazing “graphic design is my passion” image which the company created for the header image above, it is asking for serious submissions this time around.

That competition page provides some examples of good and bad entries. Looking it over it seems that solid colours matching up to the mouse’s panels is the preferred way to go.

Strangely enough this isn’t the first time Cooler Master has run a design contest based on messing with its MM711 mouse. Back in February this year the company basically asked its community to make memes about how light the device is with the prize being a limited edition gold version of the mouse.

You can see the entries, which even includes some attempts from us, in the replies of this tweet. If you were wondering: no, we didn’t win despite the fact that all five of our entries were amazing.