Since retiring as president of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime has not been sitting at home doing nothing. The executive has announced the latest in his new ventures by joining the board of directors at Spin Master.

“What do I have in common with Bakugan, Hatchimals, PAW Patrol, GUND, Air Hogs, Sago Mini and Kinetic Sand? Answer: I am joining the board of Spin Master Corp. — an innovative force in the global toy industry. A new way to make life more fun!” Fils-Aime wrote recently.

A bit more information can be found on the Spin Master Corp. corporate site by way of a press release.

Here we see that Fils-Aime was voted in along with someone named Christina Miller, a former president of WarnerMedia’s Kids, Young Adults and Classic division.

This isn’t the first time NOA’s old boss has taken up a senior position at an established brand. Earlier this year Fils-Aime was also appointed to the board of directors at the ailing GameStop. He is also partaking in events (back when those weren’t kiboshed by COVID-19) for his alma mater Cornell, and he generally seems to be getting up to a lot of different things.

We’re sure those interested in the services and products of those companies are happy to have Fils-Aime on board when we all thought he’d be back home enjoying Animal Crossing.

Our favourite thing to happen with Fils-Aime since leaving Nintendo has to be the absolutely weird saga involving his office chair of all things. Yes really. We recommend watching the video below for the details on that particular story.