General goods and big box store chain Game has recently partnered with the South African branch of Uber Eats to deliver certain items to locals under the current lockdown.

According to a public email sent out by Uber Eats this is an exclusive partnership so you may not be seeing anything from Game popping up from other delivery services in the near future.

Game itself offers deliveries, but is currently under heavy load as customers choose to order online instead of risking their health by visiting a store.

“Due to very high volumes, we’re experiencing delays with deliveries and our call centre. We are working hard to resolve this,” reads a banner announcement on the Game website.

That same website also offers up this link to an eligible product list of goods being sold during the lockdown. While Uber Eats is the delivery partner here, you can order many essential items which are not edible.

As always you will need to be within delivery distance of a Game store to find it in the app. If you need something from Game, but you can’t find the business when you open the app, you may be too far away to place an order.

If you are close to a physical store that location may not yet be offering this service, so keep trying until it pops up for you. It may also be worthwhile ordering directly from Game in this case.

This is the second time in as many weeks that Uber Eats has teamed up with a local company to delivery non-edible items. Exclusive Books products are now also available on the app should you want to pick up some literature while stuck at home.

Finally it’s worth mentioning that the promo code “UNLTDZA” is still live until 31st May, granting shoppers free delivery in the platform.

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