Under the country’s phased approach to lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working has become the new normal.

While some businesses are already well versed in this type of environment, some are still finding their feet, which is why Kyocera Document Solutions South Africa recently announced a free-to-download remote working ebook to assist employers and employees transitioning at this time.

The firm, which of course specialises in the printing and document solutions space, also has a number of offerings when it comes to digitisation and making businesses more efficient. It is therefore leveraging this knowledge for the aforementioned ebook.

It tackles a range of tasks that businesses will need to consider when it comes to remote working including:

  • How to put in place a working from home (wfh) policy
  • How to deal with cybersecurity at home
  • What an ideal workspace looks like
  • How to manage physical and mental health
  • The best way to communicate effectively
  • Remote project management.

“Like all businesses, Kyocera has our entire workforce working from home during these challenging times. This pandemic has forced organisations to up their game in terms of digital transformation, making remote working possible and speeding up the implementation of processes,” explains Gareth Fletcher, corporate sales manager at the firm.

“Turning this from an immediate necessity into a legacy for future productivity and workplace mobility should be a priority for every company once we have come through this crisis. Our eBook provides companies with advice on how to optimise the way in which they are operating now, whilst laying the foundation for remote working to become an integral part of the way in which they work,” he adds. 

The ebook can be downloaded here, with it consisting of 26 pages and totalling a very manageable 5MB in size. The firm has also made infographic tips for employers and employees available to freely download too, at 587KB and 200KB respectively.

[Image – Photo by Dillon Shook on Unsplash]