Over the weekend players of Forza Horizon 4 were given a rather large gift by developers, Playground Games, in the form of 200 Super Wheelspins.

In this game Super Wheelspins are the best lootboxes available. Wheelspins take the form of a slot machine with unlockable cards, clothes, in-game currency and more available with each spin. Super Wheelspins take this up three fold with three rows of prizes instead of just one.

Those who logged into the game and went to the Message Center would find that they received a gift in the form of 200 of these Super Wheelspins. This is a massive boost to all players given the amount of prizes that can be one with each triple spin.

To put that number into perspective Forza Horizon 4 is updated every Thursday with weekly challenges, and completing them usually only grants around three Super Wheelspins. The pricey VIP upgrade for the game also grants weekly Super Wheelspins to owners but even with this it would take a long time to rack up 200.

It should be noted at this time that both forms of Wheelspins can’t simply be bought outright for real money. Despite being a live game that is still receiving large, free updates years after its release, Forza Horizon 4 is very consumer friendly and rewards like this need to be earned in the game instead of bought outside of it.

Unfortunately this gift was not to last as it was revealed that this was all an error.

“Mistakes happen and we made one. For those who redeemed the Super Wheelspins, enjoy,” The official Foza Horizon Twitter account reads, “Yesterday, we accidentally sent an in-game message gifting Super Wheelspins to every player as they logged in. Earlier today, we stopped sending the erroneous in-game message. We recognize our mistake and apologize to all of our players for any confusion.”

Those who were fast enough to both grab the gift and redeem all the spins got to keep their spoils, while anyone not able to do both steps were left out of luck.

We were lucky enough to grab all 200 spins.
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