Just a few hours ago GPD kicked off the crowdfunding for its latest handheld Windows 10 machine the Win Max. Just like every other device the company has put up on Indiegogo, the Win Max is a huge success that has blown past its funding goal.

The campaign, which you can view here, has a rather low goal of just R479 444. At the time of writing this has been funded by 3 006 percent and the 987 backers have pledged a total of R14 416 329.

As a reminder the GPD Win Max is meant to be a portable device that combines the netbooks of years past with the ability to play games. Because of that the eight inch screen is combined with two joysticks, a D-pad and ABXY buttons.

Internally an Intel i5-1035G7 and 16GB of RAM do the heavy lifting. You won’t be playing AAA, at least not with a lot of tinkering, but there’s decent headroom to get a wide range of titles going.

Those with early access to the device report that it also works rather nicely as a laptop too, for when you want to do some work instead of play games.

The lowest tier in the campaign gets you a device for R14 474. This is noticeably lower than the ~R16K retail price for those who want to buy it at a later date.

The estimated shipping date is very soon in July of this year. Anyone a bit skeptical of that date should note that GPD has crowdfunded all of its past devices in this way and has successfully delivered on most of them. It’s widely accepted in the community that production on the devices is ready to go before the campaign kicks off.

That being said we have to give the regular prerequisite warnings for crowdfunding. Don’t spend anything you’re not willing to lose entirely and be cognisant of the fact that you may never receive what you pay for, or what you get may not resemble what was advertised.

The current COVID-19 pandemic may also affect all of this. For countries like South Africa which are experiencing lockdown, there’s no promise that delivery restrictions will be lifted by the time July comes around. The GPD Win Max does ship worldwide, so this is worth considering.