MediaTek has announced a new SoC designed for 5G smartphones. It is part of the silicon maker’s Dimensity lineup, but instead of the flagship-specific 1000 processor, this new Dimensity 820 offering is made with premium mid-range devices in mind.

As such it should help to democratise 5G connectivity slightly, which up until now has featured predominantly on flagship smartphones.

While it may not be designed with flagship phones in mind, the Dimensity 820 does feature some innovative technology that manufacturers specialising in the mid-range space will be interested in.

According to MediaTek, this new SoC has a 7nm architecture and utilises a sub-6GHz modem. Added to this is a Arm Mali G57 GPU and the firm’s own HyperEngine 2.0, which should make the chipset better at handling mobile gaming, and in particular, 120Hz frame rates and HDR.

“Our Dimensity 1000 is already powering impressive flagship 5G devices in a number of markets. With the new Dimensity 820, we’re now making 5G much more accessible,” explains Dr. Yenchi Lee, assistant general manager of the Wireless Communications Business Unit.

“The Dimensity 820 stands out beyond competitors by offering four high-performance Arm Cortex-A76 cores at 2.6GHz within its octa-core CPU, delivering superb performance and responsiveness, among its incredible AI, gaming and photography experiences,” adds Dr, Lee.

This is set to give the Dimensity 820 fast 5G download speeds, although the firm is yet to officially list numbers in that regard. What it does detail, however, is the 820’s support for dual-SIM functionality, along with voice over new radio (VoNR), and improved carrier aggregation technology to assist with network handover.

As such it should prove a viable option for manufacturers that wish to try something different from Qualcomm’s 768 processor. No mention of when the Dimensity 820 will roll out on devices, but the likes of Motorola, Oppo and Xiaomi are said to using the new silicon.