Last week Weta Workshop – the famous production house that also makes some incredible collectables – announced that it would be auctioning off number 001 statues from its Lord of the Rings (LOTR) and The Hobbit collections.

This is done partly in charity with one statue from each batch of five having its proceeds given to New Zealand organisation, the Neonatal Trust.

The new batch of five statues represents the halfway point of the project. After these are sold off 10 more will be made available and then it’s all over.

The five new additions, as well as links to bid on them yourself, are available below:

The Azog statue that is in bold above is the one chosen for charity this week. 100 percent of the money raised for its auction will go to the Neonatal Trust.

Unlike last week where a Fili the Dwarf figure was picked out, this version of Azog is our favourite of the bunch. The Rivendell environment is also really nice if you prefer places instead of characters in your collection.

The previously mentioned Fili the Dwarf was finally sold off for US$2 500 (~R45 911). We expect Azog to raise much more for charity due to the fact that it’s a more desirable character.

The biggest winner from last week was the Barad-dûr scene which weighs in at 10 kilograms and stands 53 centimetres high. It sold for $6 220 (~R114 227). It also recieved the most bids out of the first five with 63 being placed before the auction closed.

A full schedule for the reaming auctions can be found here. 

Finally, like last week, designer, author and art director at Weta Workshop, Daniel Falconer, has starred in a short video talking about how all these figures came to be and what makes the first edition lots so special.