Earlier this month Cooler Master kicked off a design contest to give its MM711 mouse a new lick of paint. Submissions are now closed and the five finalists can be voted on by the community.

This contest isn’t just for fun, however, as it’s being done as a fundraiser for coronavirus (COVID-19) relief. Once the community has voted on a winner that design will be turned into a real product people can buy.

Those interested can make a $30 donation to the fundraiser which will then be turned into a coupon which can be used to buy the new mouse. Cooler Master will not take that money for itself, and will instead pass it on to a charity.

So what as the community cooked up? Those expecting something crazy may be disappointed here as Cooler Master specifically asked for more muted designs which adhered to the panels of the mouse. It gave this example of good and bad designs for people to work off of.

Our favourite of the bunch is the “PPE Edition”. This of course is inspired by Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) which has become a valuable category of goods as just about everyone on Earth should be using it in some capacity during the pandemic.

The reason we like it, however, is that it incorporates a translucent shell. All of the other finalists are solid, regular colours. We love see through plastics on electronics, so this is a no brainer for our vote.

See below for images of each of the five finalists. Once you’ve decided on a winner, even if you don’t intend to buy the mouse, head on over here to cast your vote.

There’s only three days available for voting so get in there soon.



PPE Edition

Mossy Mountain

A safe place to touch