There’s a moment in popular British TV series, The IT Crowd, in which one character discovers another character’s complete disregard for cybersecurity.

While the quips made during the scene are humourous, every time that scene plays we’re reminded that often, folks really don’t care about their cybersecurity, until something bad happens.

With more people working from home than ever and connecting to networks which may be populated with infected devices, the need for a culture of cybersecurity and good hygiene in that regard is increasingly important.

To that end, KnowBe4 Africa and Cyber Security Africa will be hosting a virtual cybersecurity event on 11th June.

The Africa Cyber Security Culture Conference is a half-day event that will comprise of presentations from experts in the cybersecurity field and cover the topics outlined below:

  • What every company needs to warn its people about
  • What a security culture is and how to measure it
  • How to get executive buy-in for security awareness programmes
  • How to run security awareness across the African continent

There will also be two panel discussions. One will touch on security during and after COVID-19 while the other will explore the security culture in Africa.

“This conference is all about the human element with an African focus,” explains KnowBe4 Africa managing director, Anna Collard.

“There are differences in the way that people in Africa respond to cybersecurity awareness campaigns and how much they know about cybersecurity risk,” she explains.

The event is free to attend and you can register online.

Speakers include acting head of information security at Telkom South Africa, Hlakane Eseu Choma, information security governance specialist at FNB, Lynne Moses KnowBe4 Africa’s Anna Collard.

It should be a rather interesting day, even if we’re not at an actual conference.