Christopher Nolan’s films have always looked to challenge its audience when it comes to the complexity of the plot.

Take Interstellar, which tackled outer space, black holes and time travel. Inception meanwhile looked at dreams and reality, still leaving some moviegoers guessing as to what happened at the end. Nolan’s latest project is Tenet, and a new trailer dropped for it last night.

Interestingly, a trailer for the upcoming film also appeared on Fortnite, which continues the trend of the platform being used for more than just battle royales in recent months.

Back to the trailer, and it is suitably complex, as we’ve come to expect from Nolan, and if the visuals are anything to go by, it may prove his most complex project to date.

From what we can tell, there is a mix of different elements going on here. Time plays a central role, and the manipulation thereof should prove a critical aspect of the film. Added t to this is the threat of World War III breaking out, which is what stars of the film, John David Washington and Robert Pattinson are trying to prevent.

The title of the film is referred to quite often as well in the trailer below, so it remains to be seen if Tenet is indeed the technology or method behind some of the time bending elements of the film, or perhaps an entity working behind the scenes, given the espionage aspects of the movie.

Either way we’re hooked, not only as Nolan fans, but also out of wanting to figure out the film. Like many other movies this year, Tenet’s original release date was pushed back as a result of COVID-19.

For now it is scheduled to hit cinemas on 17th July, but given continued lockdowns, it may be pushed back again or released on streaming services instead. Personally we’re actually hoping for the former, as it looks to be a film best experienced on the big screen.