Like last year Steam is running the Spring Cleaning event where, instead of trying to sell you games that you already own, the platform is encouraging you to play what you already have. 

Between 21st and 28th May you can head here to the Spring Cleaning Event landing page

There you’ll find a drawing of an older style house with multiple levels of underground floors (see the image at the bottom of this story). 

Clicking on each level will prompt Steam to recommend three games from your library to you. Play a game from each floor and you’ll earn progress towards a badge. 

Accompanying you in this is DEWEY Decimal, a “Smart Home Librarian” robot that is just a cute face for the algorithms working in the background to recommend some backlog games. 

“Alongside DEWEY, this year’s clean sweep includes new challenges like Play Next (recommendations from your Library based on your play history), and Remote Play Together (recommendations from your Library you can share online with your friends),” reads an announcement from Steam. “For players who’ve yet to build a Library of their own, DEWEY even recommends free titles to help you make the most of Steam.”

Some people who have jumped into the event early have noticed flaws in the system such as recommending online games which have since had their servers shutdown and games they don’t actually own. 

From looking at our own suggestions the only real oddities have been recommendations for games we’ve already put a decent amount of hours into. The message from DEWEY implies that this is done to encourage second (or third) playthroughs or firing up the games for the sake of nostalgia. We understand that there’s only so many ways the system can say “hey, play this thing you’ve never touched”, but a backlog title isn’t really a backlog title if you’ve already played it.