Mobile gaming has had quite the journey over the years. It started off as something you could only do with a bulky, dedicated device and remained that way for a long time. At the start of the smartphone age people got into gaming on this new kind of device, but it was mainly relegated to simple time wasters and short form experiences to keep busy while standing in line.

In 2020 that’s simply not the case anymore. Console and PC quality games get mobile ports often, big name publishers and developers eye mobile as a primary platform, and talented devs around the world are pushing what can be done while on the go.

Thankfully the hardware and software on newer devices are up to the task of playing the latest games well, while also staying cool and preserving battery life at the same time.

A prime example of this is the Huawei P40 lite , and let’s start with that name – lite .

Despite packing a huge 6.4inch screen, the device is just 159.2 X 76.3 millimetres. This crazy screen-to-body ratio gets even more impressive when you consider the depth of 8.7 millimetres and weight of 183 grams.

A common complaint in the mobile gaming world is that devices with large screens invariably lead to tired hands, fingers and wrists as you try to keep all that bulk upright. That’s not a problem here with the P40 lite expertly balancing a huge screen for gameplay and a comparatively small body for comfort.

Oh, and the resolution is 2310 X 1080, so you can really crank it in games which support richer visuals.

Powering all of this is the Huawei Kirin 810 chipset. This octa-core solution combined with the Mali-G52 MP6 GPU means that the P40 lite can handle just about anything you throw at it. 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage also means that you won’t be worrying about filling up any time soon. And if that’s just not enough you can drop up to a 256GB memory card in there.

All that power sips from the 4 200 mAh battery, but there’s more to the story when it comes to this battery solution. Should you run low after a few hours of gaming you can get back up to full in no time thanks to the 40W SuperCharge which Huawei says will mean 70 percent recharges in just 30 minutes.

SuperCharge is great for when you’re playing at home with easy access to a plug, and SuperCharge makes sure you’ve still got power while away.

Things get even better when we talk about Turbo. Not the kind of turbo you’d find in a car, but GPU Turbo which comes as standard on the P40 lite and already configured for you. GPU Turbo not only cranks the performance to as high as possible while in a game, but it does so in an intelligent way to save battery at the same time.

If you’d like to get a Huawei P40 lite as your next mobile gaming experience, head on over to the Huawei Store. 

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